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Thappad (2020) Bollywood

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Starring: Taapsee Pannu, Tanvi Azmi, Sushil Dahiya, Naila Grewal

Genre: Drama

Released on: 28 Feb 2020

Writer: Anubhav Sinha

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (1,551 Votes)

Duration: 139 min

Thappad (2020) Storyline & Plot:

Watch Thappad (2020) Full Movie Watch Online and Download Free HD quality and Download HD Film instant on your PC, TV, iPhone. Thappad is a story of Amrita whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband slaps her once in a party. But is one slap enough to question what a relationship stands for?

Thappad (2020) Bollywood Film | Movie Review:

First thing I want to say it’s going to be one of my favorite dialogue “Just a slap, but nehi maar sakta.”

As the name suggests this is the slap on society the values with which we are living. It starts with an orange ice candy and travels across different class of people and how one slap changes their lives.

But here I don’t agree with one point of the film “Divorce”.

Yes, I agree one slap is also not allowed but for one slap kill a relationship is also not justified. For me, it’s like the character Amrita is running from the situation instead of fight. There is a lot of ways to face this situation and make her husband understand how wrong he was. If we start breaking all relation just because a slap (I am not supporting any domestic violence, no one have any rights to torture anyone) then one day we will be alone at the end. If someone hurt us it’s our duty to make them realize their mistake, break a relation comes at the end, where no hope alive.

The story takes time to grow and the base is created with a beautifully crafted screenplay with fine details of daily life. How the tea is made in high class or low-class homes but tastes the same. At first, the movie goes noiseless and slow to build the narrative. Activities of daily life are repetitive but show the commitment and sacrifices one does for others to keep happy.

As Director Anubhav Sinha did a brilliant job, portray the story nicely.

Especially the shadow story of Amrita’S Neighbor, The housemaid and advocate are beautifully portrayed.

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